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In this book, you will:

Obtain tips and resources you need to craft a fun and fulfilling college experience.
Find creative ways to pay for college and discover effective study habits.
Master the transition to becoming a responsible college adult.

Why You Need This Book

It’s relatable.

Make the Most of Your College Years: A Primer for Success is a wisdom-filled book written from a student perspective. The author wrote the book the year straight out of college. She recently added a few additional chapters for a fresh new perspective.

It’s short.

Let’s be honest, most high school and college students are already busy with homework and extracurricular activities. To ensure the author captivates busy readers, she made sure to keep it short and sweet.

It’s funny.

The author provides first-hand experiences throughout the book entailing exhilarating short stories, along with helpful tips along the way.

There’s a corresponding activity book.

Unlike many other college prep books, this book has a corresponding activity book to write down your perspective regarding several topics from the book. The book can be done individually, with a parent, mentor, or peer group.

What's inside the book?

Cultivate meaningful conversations with students, mentees, or small student groups by purchasing our Activity Book today!

About Author

Yaunee Okuneye

Yaunee is a proud graduate of Florida State University, where she received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Entering FSU as a clueless freshman, Yaunee had little guidance on what college life would entail. But with faith, patience and determination, her college experience was exceptionally life-changing.

During her time at FSU, Yaunee met life long friends, traveled the world (literally), and even met her husband, Ken while studying abroad in London, England. After much growth and maturity throughout her time in college, Yaunee wanted to share both her life lessons and fun memories of college through her book, Make the Most of Your College Years: A Primer for Success.

She hopes this book encourages students to be intentional about every decision they make in college while creating memories worth a lifetime.

With the title of both Wife and Mommy under her belt, Yaunee is also a huge sports fan, an arts & crafts lover, and a gifted empowerment coach. Learn more about Yaunee at


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